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 Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning

Treat yourself to a Really Clean Room for your Smoky Mountains Vacation!

For extra clean rooms, Hotel Pigeon Forge Inn & Suites utilizes a "dry steam vapor" system.  See the benefits of "dry steam vapor" cleaning listed below.

• Eliminates the need for mops, buckets and toxic chemicals
• Removes allergy-causing chemical fumes, dust mites and animal dander
• Kills bacteria, viruses and germs and maintains a sparkling clean Inn
• The safest cleaning option for chemically-sensitive individuals

What is “dry steam vapor”?  A low-moisture vapor produced at a high temperature.  The vapor contains only 5% to 6% water.  

It leaves no mess and uses temperatures hot enough to kill bacteria and germs, and emulsify grease and oil.

The process eliminates dirt and residues, while sanitizing the surface being treated.

Not only does this system use NO SOAPS or CHEMICALS, it also removes residue of previous cleaners.

Is this system effective against DUST MITES? YES!!! Generally, to treat for dust mites, items must be laundered in water at least 130° F or treated with a tannic acid solution. This is impractical for carpets, furniture, mattresses, and most clothes. Vapor steam, unlike other cleaning or pest control methods, uses heat, not chemicals or poisons, to do the work. The heat kills the mites without saturating the surface and contributing to mildew. Articles are completely dry in a matter of minutes, not hours.



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